The Coachella Valley Irrigated Lands Coalition, Inc was established to help irrigated agriculture meet the requirements of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board's (RWQCB) Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) in the Coachella Valley.

          Under the ILRP that was originally adopted in July 2003, farmers and ranchers that irrigate their land and have runoff from that irrigation or rainfall must belong to a coalition or apply for an individual discharge permit from the Regional Board directly.

          The Coalition is a membership based coalition that implements programs that help farmers and ranchers reduce their impacts to the Waters of the State of California. These programs include best management practices (BMP), workshops, and monitoring of water quality as required by the RWQCB.

          It is important for farmers and ranchers to understand that this program is required by law and all of those who irrigate their land must comply with the ILRP or face a possible regulatory action by the RWQCB.

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