Watch a Coalition Meeting Online

Fulfill Your Annual Meeting Requirement

View the coalition meeting and fulfill the mandatory requirement of attending at least one coalition event per year.

  • CVILC Annual Grower Meeting January 19 2023


Instructions for receiving credit for viewing a meeting online:

To watch a larger size video, start the video and then click on the Full Screen icon (square in bottom right corner of video). If you choose Full Screen you can view the video to the size of your monitor. Click "ESC" (Escape) on your keyboard to exit the Full Screen view.

If you represent more than one membership, include the other member IDs in your email response. This applies if you have multiple memberships or you are managing the property of a Coalition member and will fulfill the meeting requirement on their behalf. If someone else farms your land and may have already fulfilled this requirement on your behalf, please contact us so we can apply the credit to your membership.

Once you have watched the video, submit an email to