Who must comply with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program?

          Any person or entity in commercial farming, irrigating crops and has the potential to discharge water from irrigated agricultural lands within the Coachella Valley into waters of the State.
          It is the Land Owner's ultimate responsibilty to sign up and complete the membership process. Penalties for Non-Compliance can be $1,000 per day according to Title 23, California Code of Regulations, Division 3, Chapter 9 for Waivers of Waste Discharge Regulations (WDR's) for Irrigated Lands.
                CRRWQCB/CVILC's Waiver dated June 24, 2014 is specifically for "Irrigated agricultural lands" over five (5) acres within the Coachella Valley.
                This Conditional Waiver does not apply  to discharges from irrigated lands equal to or less than five (5) that are used for:
  • Gardens
  • Vineyards
  • Orchards
  • Pastures
  • Greenhouses to produce crops
  • and/or Animals for personal consumption
               This exemption, but without acreage limitation, included irrigated lands used as golf courses or polo fields.
               Owners and operators of irrigated lands meeting these criteria are not required to apply for coverage under this Conditional Waiver, provided, that the owner/operator:
                         (a) Does not hold a current Operator Identification Number/Permit Number for pesticide use and/or
                         (b) Does not use the federal department of Treasury IRS Form 1040 Schedule F Profit/Loss from Farming to file federal taxes.
                If a parcel is not being irrigated, it does not require a Discharge Permit.
                If a parcel greater than five (5) acres is irrigated by either canal water or well water during the calendar year, a Discharge Permit is required.

Enrollment Workshop


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