To remain a member in good standing and retain compliance with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) Order, Coalition members must complete the following requirements annually.

  1. Pay annual membership fees to the Coalition by September 30th.
    Review your invoice annually to ensure that the Coalition has your most up to date Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs) and irrigated acreage to ensure that you remain in compliance. Remember to pay your invoice by the due date to avoid late fees.
  2. Attend at least one Coalition grower meeting annually.
    The Coalition holds at least two annual grower meetings per year; the requirement can be completed by attending one of those meetings in person, OR remotely via Zoom, OR by watching the recording of that year’s meeting that is posted on the .
  3. Submit your Farm Plan by February 1, annually for each crop that you grew the previous year.
    Farm Plans are surveys of your management practices from the previous crop year. This information must be completed online through the CVILC Member Portal. The CVILC Member Portal allows members to enter their survey information in one place for both the Farm Plan and INMP SR requirements. More information on the Farm Plans can be found here: Farm Plan FAQs
  4. Submit your Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Report (INMP SR) by February 1, annually, for each crop that you grew the previous year.
    INMP SRs are surveys pertaining to nitrogen and irrigation efficiencies. The survey includes information about nitrogen applied, crop yield, and management practices for the previous crop year. Both the Farm Plan and the INMP SR are crop specific and must be filled out for all enrolled acreage. More information on the INMP SR can be found here: INMP SR FAQs
  5. Complete your Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan Worksheet (INMP Worksheet) and have it on farm by March 1, annually.
    INMP Worksheets are an irrigation and nitrogen planning tool that are used to prepare for the upcoming crop year. The Regional Water Board requires that all growers keep a copy of their INMP Worksheet on farm; you do not need to submit your INMP Worksheet to the Coalition. Use your INMP Worksheet to complete your INMP SR at the end of the crop year. More information on the INMP Worksheet can be found here: INMP Worksheet FAQs


Membership FAQs