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Who must comply with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program?

Any person or entity in commercial farming who is growing irrigated crops or commercial pasture and has the potential to discharge water from irrigated agricultural lands within the Coachella Valley into waters of the State, including surface water or groundwater.


It is the Land Owner's ultimate responsibility to sign up and complete the membership process. Penalties for Non-Compliance can be $1,000 per day according to Title 23, California Code of Regulations, Division 3, Chapter 9 for Waivers of Waste Discharge Regulations (WDR's) for Irrigated Lands.


All commercial irrigated agriculture in the Coachella Valley is subject to the new requirements.  There is no minimum acreage. Commercial irrigated agriculture is defined in the Order as owners/operators of irrigated land (canal & well water) who:

1) have a pesticide application permit;

2) file IRS Schedule 1040 F, or

3) sell directly i.e. farmers markets or direct to consumer.


Click on the new enrollment form and save to your desktop to complete the application. Fill out and mail it and a check to the address below.

New members who did not join the Coalition when it was founded in 2015 are required to pay:

  • an enrollment fee
  • all past membership dues
  • current year dues.

If you have less than 5 acres or the property changed ownership since 2015, you may not have to pay all or part of the past dues.

To determine whether you were exempt or questions completing the form, please contact us with the relevant information including acreage, Assessors Parcels Number(s) (APN) and ownership information.

If you join (or rejoin) before October 1, 2021 the following fees apply:

  • Payment of enrollment fee (Riverside County Farm Bureau members receive $100 discount)
  • Past dues unless exempt from all or part of 2015-2021

If you join after September 30, 2021, the fees above apply PLUS:

  • 6% per year interest on past dues
  • A $500 fee, subject to increase
  • A notarized letter addressed to the CVILC Board of Directors explaining why the applicant should be considered for membership.

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